ASP Coach, Braydon Cadd

ASP Coach

Braydon Cadd

Originally based out of Adelaide, Braydon moved to both Melbourne and ASP to immerse himself in the best facility he could find, to allow for the best possible environment to learn, grow, and apply his skills and knowledge to others.

Braydon is an experienced and effective coach, helping a large wide range of clients varying from State level Lacrosse, Gridiron and soccer teams or athletes through to average people trying to improve their body composition. He has also worked with the Adelaide Crows as a massage therapist and has been a teacher of both Personal Training and Massage Therapy. As an athlete, Braydon has a strong history in basketball, volleyball and has competed as a powerlifter at both a local and state level.

The driving force behind Braydon‘s journey has always been about seeking improvement and getting better, whether that’s adding 5kg to your squat, or dropping 5% body fat. It’s that desire that allows you to continually grow and enrich both your body and overall life.


Ed Coan Seminar, 2016 – PTC HQ

Advanced Hypertrophy, 2016 – Australian Strength Performance

Level 1 Coach, 2016 – Australian Strength Performance

Movement Screening Workshop, 2016 – Corrective Exercise Australia

Training the Strength Athlete, 2015 – Daine McDonald & Sebastian Oreb

Lower Body Function, 2015 – Corrective Exercise Australia

Upper Body Function, 2015 – Corrective Exercise Australia

Certificate VI in Massage Therapy, 2013 – Australian Institute of Fitness

Certificate III & IV in Fitness, 2012 – Australian Institute of Fitness