November 15, 2013
by ASP Admin

In our modern technological age, with televisions, computers and phones dictating every waking minute of our lives, it’s quite common to find ourselves with increased feelings of stress or tiredness. We now place less importance on the healthy, stress relieving habits that keep our psyches in balance; like sex! Our libidos are extremely important energies and are also prime indicators of both psychological and physical stress. Here we share a few great tips from ASP to get you back in balance and naturally bringing sexy back!

1. Sleep is Critical

Sleep is vital for optimal energy production and a great training session. But restless nights don’t only affect your daily activity, they can also take their toll on bedroom antics! To ensure a good night sleep, make an effort to remove yourself from the television or computer screen a good 30 minutes before bed. This allows your mind to wind down and dissipate the adrenaline built up from it’s flashing, bright lights.

Sleep in a dark room with no lights (includes phones or television standby lights), as the receptors on your skin may keep you awake in response to the light.

Check out our Sleep Remedies post for more tips on gaining a better night’s sleep.

2. Learn to Relax

All too often the built up stress from the daily grind can deplete the production of sex hormones like testosterone and DHEA, and this can diminish one’s sex drive. Supplementing with magnesium and taurine often helps to reduce anxiety and ease the mind.

3. The Brain is the Sexiest Organ in the Human Body!

Now, although that may come down to a matter of opinion, there’s no disputing that having an increased concentration span and a positive, motivated attitude throughout the day is a great start to feeling sexy all over again. Supplementing with up to 600mg of Alpha-GPC per day has also been shown to be highly effective in enhancing brain cognition and mood.

4. Take a Quality Electrolyte Daily

Sweating and/or a diet high in ‘convenience foods and sodas’ can lead to the depleting of the body from much needed salts like sodium, magnesium and potassium, which are critical to optimal energy and health. Because energy is often a limiting factor to a healthy sex drive, more energy means you can now bring your sexy back! A quality electrolyte is ‘Electrolyte PX’ developed by Dr Mark Schauss, and will help give you that boost you’re after.

5. No One Feels Sexy When Bloated

Let’s face it, there’s no feeling good when you’re poorly digesting your dinner, yet nowadays we are constantly bloated because of the foods we consume. This can often be due to intolerances to foods like homogenised and pasturised diary, nuts, gluten (in breads and pastas), or even eggs. Apart from cutting out these foods from your diet, use a good pre and pro-biotic to aid nutrient absorption and dissipate that uncomfortable bloated feeling. There’s no greater aphrodisiac than feeling sexy in your skin!