Hypertrophy Level 1

(2 Day course with 2x/day training session)

Looking to build muscle and get bigger whilst getting leaner in the best way possible? This 2-day course on the essential of effective Hypertrophy will be your manual on just how to. The course outlines the science behind hypertrophy and includes topics such as:

  • Types of hypertrophy
  • Hypertrophy versus functional training
  • The practical applications of hypertrophy
  • Mindset and hypertrophy
  • Training variables to consider for designing hypertrophy specific programs
  • Hypertrophy specific nutrition and supplementation
  • Practical training and self application


The 2-day course combines the latest in scientific research and the effective practical application. Each day will comprise of 2 theory sessions and 2 practical training sessions where participants will be trained through hypertrophy specific programming, allowing them to apply the theory they have learnt to their own/clients training protocols.




The course is ideal for trainers/coaches looking to get fast scientifically based results for their clientele as well as training enthusiasts looking to build lean muscle and tone up.


• No pre-requisites


Hypertrophy Level 1: 27-28 May

To register: http://www.fit.com.my/fitness-courses-registration-form/