April 3, 2013
by ASP Admin

We recently interviewed one of our long time ASP clients, Geoff Higham!

At 62 years old, Geoff has been exercising for over 40 years! He has spent countless hours in gyms in all his time training, but instead of tiring he is still training strong and maintaining a physique enviable of most 20 year olds!

Below we discuss Geoff’s experience with ASP compared to the many other fitness professionals and services he’s been exposed to over the years, as well as his secrets to remaining in such great shape!

When did you start training with ASP and how has ASP helped you?

“I started training with Ben over four years ago, before ASP was even created. Since then I’ve kept coming back to Ben and his team of ASP coaches to train and transform my body and lifestyle, they’ve completely changed my life!”

How is ASP different to other trainers, coaches and fitness services?

“Over the many years I’ve been exercising I’ve trained with a lot of different people, even before gyms and personal training especially became as popular as it is now. I’ve trained with trainers and coaches who know their technique and service they provide like the back of their hand, and some that don’t. But I can safely say that ASP is the best of the lot! I feel the burn and the effectiveness of every exercise during every session. I can then feel the changes to my body, and of course see them too. ASP trains me with completely different methods than any that I’ve worked with before. Ben’s also helped me to make my training, nutrition and motivation regime a lifestyle that I live now, instead of a fad fix that I try out for a while. I’m not ready to slow down, I’m the healthiest I’ve been! ASP has even inspired me to complete the course to become a PT myself, at 62

What’s included in your daily nutrition these days?

“Most of my meals will now include red meat or chicken, and vegetables, with nuts as snacks. Sometimes I’ll have juices or whole fruits too, but that’s only when I’m feeling lean – thanks ASP for that tip! I basically eat clean every meal, I’ll have some cheat meals on rare occasions but these “

Out of the supplements you take to support your training lifestyle, do you have a favourite?

“BCAAs! I take BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) with every workout I do now, they help with my body’s response to training, make me stronger and not as sore after each session. They’re great!”

What other supplements are you taking?

“I take a multivitamin, and a post-workout BCAA/Amino complex to keep me lean, no carbs there! I also take ten omega-3 fish oil capsules a day, 5 in the morning, 5 at night. I love my supplements! “

Finally Geoff, what does ‘fitness’ now mean to you?

“ASP has definitely changed the way I think of fitness. I see fitness as a lifestyle now, not just exercise. Me being fit now means I sleep better, eat better, generally feel better. Fitness is not all about exercise!”

Geoff began his training journey with Australian Strength Performance at 67kg, reached a post-ASP transformation weight of 77-78kg, and now maintains a steady, lean and strong physique at 71kg.