ASP Coach, Patrick Hammes

ASP Coach

Patrick Hammes

Patrick worked with Ben and The ASP Team as an ASP client for three years developing his passion for health, fitness and generating results for others prior to him becoming an ASP Coach himself. His approach to training encompasses extensive knowledge on nutrition, training and mindset, and he has achieved fast results with a broad range of clients from busy stressed corporates to time-poor students and fitness models.

Patrick’s knowledge in his field stems from a hunger for further development and he has studied extensively with world-renowned strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin and other practitioners in the realm of nutrition, hypertrophy, fat loss and optimal body composition. Patrick also travels overseas to contribute to lectures and workshops on these topics as part of ASP’s courses & events.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and accreditations as an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, Patrick believes in promoting a healthy and positive mindset in order to achieve an optimal physique. He also frequently assists clients with goal setting, motivation and overcoming mental barriers that may be preventing them from reaching their goals.


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Master of Commerce

Master of Communication (Advertising)

Master of Professional Accounting

BioPrint Practitioner (Poliquin Melbourne)

A.B.N.L.P certified Master NLP Practitioner and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP Level 2 Performance Specialist)