After playing State League basketball for many years my fitness had plateaued as well as my game. I was looking for a better way to train and get some excellent results in the gym that would transfer to the basketball court.

From my first training session at Australian Strength Performance with Coach Ben I knew I was in the right place. The training sessions pushed me well past what I thought I was capable of. Under Ben’s guidance my strength increased significantly through his expertly planned and periodized training methods. The sessions were tough but enjoyable as I was able to see improvements every session. Those minor achievements were exactly what was needed to keep me motivated and focused.

Not only were there increases in strength but my body composition had changed greatly.  From arriving in the off season at 103kgs at 27% bodyfat  8 weeks before the season started, Ben was able to push me to start the season at 94kgs at 16% bodyfat. I had lost a considerable amount of weight but also gained significant amount of muscle. I had never felt stronger. As the season went on and the training continued it was easy to see the training with Ben directly transfer onto the basketball court. I was more explosive, jumping higher, stronger and more co-ordinated on both sides of my body which was excellent for basketball.

I cannot recommend Ben and the Team enough. The facility is amazing and the atmosphere encourages success.


Matthew G

Team Captain

Whittlesea Pacers

From Team ASP

Interesting how so many athletes have not been exposed to proper strength and conditioning training. Our goal at ASP is to change the game, bring in proper strength and conditioning training, bring in proper nutritional support for the athletes and cater to their progress in their game.

In working with Matt, we focused a lot on his imbalances, tightness and power. His initial screening gave us lot to work with from injuries, limited range of motion, adhesions and faulty recruitment patterns. Training session definitely took him out of his comfort zone, physically and mentally, but we saw him grow from strength to strength as athlete. From his lifts, to his speed and movement integration on court, Matt became faster, stronger and more explosive – a more all-rounded player. Not to mention, his nutrition now supported his training and with a remarkable change in body comp (about 10% bodyfat drop in 12 weeks!), Matt was playing his best games!