Last year, I set a goal of competing at the 2016 IBJJF World Championships. Having previously been a division one college basketballer, I knew what it took to be in peak condition for my current sport.


However, over the past year, I had been plagued with a ridiculous number of injuries and, as a result , was in the worst shape of my life. It was important that I found a coach who knew what they were doing, one who would get me in top notch condition, help rehabilitate my injuries, guide me to safely make competition weight, and not compromise my jiu jitsu training.


Enter Ben and Australian Strength Performance.

From Team ASP


Common weight cutting methods for an athletes range from excessive saunas, cardio, drastic calorie reduction and diuretics. These put the athlete under much physical and mental stress and can hamper optimal performance.

My approach is always about modulating nutrition from the beginning, so by comp time, they have little to do to hit their desired weight.

With Meagan’s 10 week prep for the IBJJF worlds there was no drastic diets. Just optimal nutrition and training. Here are simple three guidelines I like to use:

  • Nutrition needs to be focused on performance and recovery. If done correctly, the athlete will achieve optimal body composition as a result of this nutrition planning.
  • Common inflammatory foods like breads, sugar and cheap whey can hamper recovery rather than promote it, often increasing overall cortisol levels, bloating and fat gain! If so, avoid it for most times. It’s not an effective carb source.
  • Good gut heath is the foundation of nutrient absorption and assimilation. An optimal microbiome environment, good digestive ability and accounting for intolerances are good starting points for food planning.

Always remember, training output is limited when the input is not optimal!

After doing my Bioprint, Ben started me on a nutrition plan, working on food intolerances and gut health. Within days, my energy and concentration was better than ever before. I was leaning down fast, putting on lean muscle and getting closer to my competition weight without even trying.


My training program and sessions at ASP were tailored to complement my jiu jitsu training. Ben paid particular attention to improving my weakness and injuries, especially maintaining my strength and endurance over fights of 8 mins. With each session, I felt stronger, more agile and better conditioned for jiu jitsu.

During past competitions, having to cut a lot of weight in a short time caused me to feel weak and unable to focus during the fights. This time with the help of Ben, I fought at the 2016 World Championships at my strongest and leanest – 9% bodyfat. In fact, there wasn’t much I needed to do to get to competition weight!

My energy levels were high, and my focus and concentration was on point, allowing me to make good decisions when tired. I medalled with Bronze. Though it wasn’t gold, I was happy with my performance. I couldn’t have been better physically prepared and I now feel back on track to keep competing at an international level — and against women who are 15+ years younger, who train jiu jitsu full time.

I will never forget this journey with Ben and the ASP Team. They have changed my life and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done.

Meagan E

2016 IBJJF World Championships- Bronze medallist