I can’t speak highly enough of The ASP Team‘s Athlete Advancement Program. Having played soccer consistently at a state and national level, the coaching I received from ASP was precise, scientific and helped me become faster, more explosive and more efficient in my game.

Before I met Coach Ben, I had incurred numerous muscular and joint injuries while competing. A major contributor was my poor lifestyle and food choices, which led to poor recovery and body composition – a physique Ben termed skinny-fat! On the field, strength and endurance were also major limiting issues as I felt I could no longer keep up with my peers, both in training and matches that hindered my progression.

Coach Ben devised specific training protocols that were focused on improving my game. We began with improving stability and balance and progressed onwards to speed, strength and endurance phases. All this, whilst ensuring that I gained functional lean mass that could transfer into speed on the pitch.

Training with ASP was tough but in a matter of weeks, I felt the results in my games. I now had the speed and endurance to make better reactions, as well as increased strength and confidence when going into challenges. Sure, bumps, bruises and sprains cannot be avoided, but workouts were modified to ensure that I still met my goals and that every workout was not compromised.

In a matter of 12 weeks, I had lost over 7kgs, but what was more amazing was my body composition. I achieved my goal of halving my body fat percentage from 33% to 16.1% and had actually put on 9.2 kgs of lean muscle, all at a much lower weight ideal for speed and agility.

Coach Ben and The ASP Team, thank you! This has been life changing. If you are an athlete like myself, these guys are at the top of their game. Get your edge with ASP!

Nicholas H

From Team ASP

Nick played club soccer and had been a national soccer player for Singapore. The game was his passion, but he had no experience with strength and conditioning, nor nutrition for performance. His weight gain had impacted on his speed and had led to recurring lower half injuries.

When working with an athlete, we always aim to make sure his nutrition revolves around recovery and performance rather than just body composition. Take care of the first 2 variables and body comp will fall in place. So that’s exactly what we did. Simple things like ensuring regular eating, increasing calories through wholesome protein and fat sources, and stopping processed foods were just some of the changes we made.

Workouts focused on strengthening the joints of the lower half, ankles, knees, hips through working the stabalizers and minimizing inter and intra muscular imbalances. Once stability and more efficient neuromuscular recruitment was established we then progressed him on to speed, change in direction and agilty.

We were highly successful in helping Nic becoming a better, more valued player in the league, but also in helping him half his bodyfat from 33% to 16.1% in just 12 weeks!! Ths was a goal scored for both Nic and ASP