My first experience with ASP was in the form of rehabilitation. I had substantially torn the ligaments in my angle playing Rugby Union. During the course of the rehab I was talked through each exercise and why/what it was achieving. After this I continued on training with ASP to improve my Rugby and to aim towards representing Victoria in the National Women’s Rugby Tournament

The support and knowledge I have gained from training with The ASP Team is beyond what I could have imagined. The trainers are experts in their fields and take a complete Physical and Nutritional view of your training.They drive you to achieve your goals and more.

Thanks to ASP I went on to represent Victoria in the National Tournament.

I would highly recommend Australian Strength Performance to anyone who wants to achieve a goal, big or small.

Priscilla B

From Team ASP

We often deal with athletes who injure themselves not because of direct impact but because they have hurt themselves running, jumping or pulled a muscle whilst changing directions. For example, hamstring, knee and ankle injuries are very common. Such injuries often occur due to the development of muscular imbalances because of over working certain muscle groups during the season and the under working the same muscle group in the off-season.

A great way of integrating athletes back into strength training after their rehabilitation process is using modified strongman training. We apply exercises that are used in traditional strongman training such as car pulls, yoke carries, atlas stone lifts etc. and modify them with altered equipment to have a similar carryover effect for the athlete. We have had a high level of success in working with lower muscular, tendon and ligamentous injuries in athletes by incorporating modified strongman exercises within their programming. This both helps build functional strength and exposes the athlete to forces from multiple directions, much like how their sport does. Of course, the exercises are regressed to a level suitable to begin the athlete with.

In working with Priscilla, our training methodologies were highly effective in helping her ankle recover and get a lot stronger in a short time. We were able to expose her to change of direction training within a month and get her back into her game. In her time with us Priscilla’s strength, speed and agility improved significantly.