Prior to training with The ASP Team, I was a national level Judoka, having placed at a number of national championships in my sport of Judo. Outside of the Judo mats, my weight training had stagnated due to repetitive workout routines. Training with Coach Ben and his Team helped me dramatically improve my strength, explosive power, overall endurance and body composition, and more importantly, helped me to peak correctly and place 3rd in an International Judo championship.

The training I underwent progressed from very basic remedial movements that built a strong base, to scientific and highly tailored programs for strength and power. By following the periodised programs and nutritional advice Coach Ben gave as part of my Evolution Program, there was a marked improvement in my strength levels and performance both within the gym and on the mat. The results also carried over to my endurance within sparring sessions and competitions where I could maintain a much stronger pace throughout rounds.

The ASP style training not only helped to improve my function as an athlete but transformed my physique. Even though I had been in good shape prior to training with coach Ben, by the end of training I had gained a significant amount of muscle mass with a concomitant decrease in body fat. I definitely felt this allowed me to be more explosive and faster in my sport.

These repartitioning effects of my training were a major reason for my improved performance as an elite athlete. I would like to thank Coach Ben and the ASP team for helping me prepare for my competition and look forward to winning many more with their help!

Valerian Z

From Team ASP

In working with athletes, we’re always sure to begin with the General Preparatory Phase, the GPP. This encompasses prehabilitation and general conditioning, a process where we aim to strengthen stabilizer muscles, muscular imbalances as well as target muscles that are often neglected during their on season.

Our system takes a step wise approach that may initially ‘regresses’ the athlete in their movements and lifting strengths, but builds a more solid foundation they can progress on. We do so by focusing on unilateral movements, isolation activity and teaching optimal neuromuscular contractions and recruitment sequences. From there as the athlete gets more efficient in their training, we then integrate larger more complex movements to their training regime.

For Val, this was no exception, we progressed him to using a lot of explosive lifts and Olympic lifting movements to develop his posterior chain, power and speed. As he moved closer to comp, we then increased the specificity of his programming, adding in exercises that had a higher carry over into Judo, specifically relating to strength in stances, grips, holds and throws.

Val progresses well and fast with us, increasing his strength, lifts and power. He clinched a bronze medal at the Pan Pacific Championships, securing himself an international placing in Judo.