The Biggest Loser ? – Our Biggest Inspiration!

December 16, 2013
by ASP Admin

If you’ve seen any of our Success Stories, you might have thought “that’s impossible!” or “ I don’t believe it”. With so many gimmicks in the fitness industry, it’s hard to believe that transformations of such calibre are possible, let alone natural!

The truth is, every single ASP transformation is genuine.

More importantly though, they are a personal testament to the hard work, dedication, sweat, lifestyle inconveniences and even tears shed by each ASP client. Each person’s story is different and unique. Some struggle more than others, falling back into old habits along the way. Others lose sight of their goals, and a few have given up altogether.

Then there are those who continue on, picking themselves up after each fall, choosing to move forward. These clients of ours haven’t completed a 12 week transformation, haven’t followed every piece of advice given, may have lost focus, cheated and many a times been on the verge of leaving. Yet their determination, perseverance and constant desire to change serve to remind us every day exactly why we do what we do.

One such client is someone we call the ‘silent warrior’, and this is his inspirational story:

At 175 kilos, I was the heaviest I had ever been. It wasn’t always like that. I was an active and popular kid, but things started to change growing up. Throughout my high school years, I became a victim of social abuse, incessant bullying and was marginalised from my peers. Feeling lonely, unloved and hating the world – myself included, I began indulging in food as my sole comfort.

This, as I was soon to realise, was to become a common trend in the years ahead. By the end of high school, I had gained 75 kilos and weighted in at whooping 115 kilos! With poor grades but the prospect of a shot at real life, I decided to join the workforce instead, looking for a trade apprenticeship. Again, I was overlooked because of my weight, and so with no further option in mind, I turned to labouring. During this time, I had tried to join a gym in an attempt to get fitter, but would always get intimidated by the huge bodybuilder types who were lifting insane amounts of weights. Moreover, I couldn’t help feeling that whenever I was exercising, people would stare and comment about how fat I was.

My labouring job did not last for long, and I quickly moved into the security industry, believing that this time my size and weight would be an advantage. How wrong I was! The bullying did not stop there as I hoped, with colleagues and patrons still calling me fat, and on one occasion, even had someone grab my belly fat in an attempt to insult me. Such ridicule continued year after year.

So here I was, 4 years later, standing at my heaviest – morbidly obese, unhealthy, unfit and extremely unhappy. One thing that became clear throughout this time was that I did not want to live like that anymore. I was huge fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), and decided that I wanted to become a fighter, or at least get fit doing so. Not knowing where to start, I enlisted in an MMA gym and followed a strict bodybuilding style diet introducing 1-2 cheat meals through the week. For 3 whole months, I trained twice a day, but had not lost any weight whatsoever. I could not understand this and felt perhaps I could do with some expert advice. After seeing the amazing transformation of a friend David Crow, with Australian Strength Performance, I was convinced that these guys had the knowledge to help me out. The following day, I called Ben Siong – the Founder of ASP – to tell him my story, and that was the beginning of my new life.

I had never felt more welcomed anywhere than with ASP. On commencing, Ben introduced a personalised diet plan which was completely different from the plan I was on, put me on a training protocol under ASP Coach Priscilla, and implemented some big lifestyle changes.

The effectiveness of the program was immediate. I was getting lighter, fitter, stronger and felt on top of the world. But my journey wasn’t like that all the time. After two months, I gradually began slipping back into my old habits and self-sabotaging mindset, and found myself cheating with food. Each time it happened, I justified my actions and then felt compelled to lie, hoping Ben would not know. However, my weekly BioSignature sessions would inadvertently give it away.

Being the awesome mentor he was, Ben would never blame me, but encourage and coach me through my mis-actions, pushing me further whenever I hit a rough patch in my weight loss journey. Each time, we would refocus on my goals and try again. It’s incredible to experience such a level of support especially when you never had any going through your whole life.

With the help of Team ASP, I competed in my first competition of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in November 2012. I beat one opponent and faired very well against two others. Unfortunately, during this time my best friend suffered a personal loss in his family and this affected me deeply. Over the next few months I once again found myself in the slums, facing an uphill battle to maintain my motivation and training.

Then it happened one day during one of his consult, that Ben suggested I work to become a personal trainer. Not just any trainer, but an ASP coach whom he will take under his wing and develop. I could not believe it! Here was a suggestion that I have never thought possible – a morbidly obese, self hating, depressed person aspiring to become an ASP coach? It took a while to sink in, but I now see what Ben sees – that I have the potential to inspire others, to tell my story and help people who have experienced the same things I have.

Having lost 28 kilos so far (24 kilos in fat!), with ASP, I’m still far from my goal weight. I am also little apprehensive of the thought of being a trainer, but I’m choosing to take the challenge face on. My name is George Menelaou, I am proud of who I am, and I have a story to share, a story about my continuing journey – a story about how determination and self belief can make anything possible!”

As George mentions we will be keeping a close eye on his progress over the coming weeks & months, and we’ll be posting updates for you too! We’ll discuss details of his exercise regimen, how he is managing to lose all his weight healthily, as well as the challenges he faces and overcomes.

Want to send your well wishes to George? We’ll be promoting his story on our Facebook page shortly after this post, so please share, like or leave a comment

Trainer Challenge : A Lot Can Happen In Two Weeks!

September 15, 2013
by ASP Admin

Here at ASP we have recently had the privilege of transforming three trainers from varied training backgrounds into the best shape of their lives. As part of the expansion of the ASP Service offering, we are looking to accommodate the many requests we get from our clients, fans and supporters for a body transformation ‘quick fix’. Whether it be for a rapidly approaching event, milestone or time in our lives, we all want significant, visible results, and fast!

So, what better way to test our condensed and intensified program, designed only for those are serious about achieving their goals of looking and feeling their absolute best, than trying it out on already gym-seasoned trainers?!

The three personal trainer ‘guinea pigs’, only one of whom is from Melbourne and therefore had any previous exposure to ASP underwent an accelerated two week phase including BioSignature Modulation and condense ASP Evolution program. Click any of the Success Story thumbnails below to see their transformations in detail, the results speak for themselves!




After his two week phase, personal trainer Brian has even taken to writing about his ASP training experience on his, and our blog! Check out his experience here

My Aaustralian Strength Performance Experience

August 15, 2013
by ASP Admin

Today’s post is a guest post by the newest member to the ASP Team – Brian Zaugg. Brian is a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) graduate from New Zealand with a double major in Exercise Science and Prescription, and has been training with ASP for some time now. For more information or posts of Brian’s check out his brand new blog at

After travelling and working around the United States for over a year, my journey brought to Melbourne, Australia where I was in search for some work. After a few weeks of searching, I landed a job at Fitness First Melbourne Central, one of the cities most popular gyms. While spending some time there I was fortunate enough to meet a trainer by the name of Ben Siong. A few talks later and we soon found each other appreciating the same training methods and principles. It was then that I was introduced to his company – Australian Strength Performance. Ben and his elite team of trainers take a scientific approach to achieve results for clientele, which include but are not limited to optimal body composition, body transformations, sport specific training, and strength work. Ben, one of Australia’s leading body composition experts founded the operation after experiencing years in the fitness industry and countless certifications in an effort to keep progressing and expanding his knowledge. He follows the methods and teachings of expert lifestyle, strength and conditioning coaches, including world-renowned Charles Poliquin.

While I could list all of Ben’s credentials, it is more important to specify that Ben’s Bachelor of Science and Psychology Honours, PICP Level 4 (theory qualified), and BioSignature certification speak for themselves. It is this knowledge that has drawn me to ASP allowing me to be fortunate enough to work with them as a consultant and now, fitness writer on their website!

Well, enough of the formalities! I’m sure you are all curious to know whether I train with them and the answer is YES. Along with my own personalised program and nutritional/supplemental biosignature program, we all do a team workout once a week together that is devised by Ben. Every Thursday theASP Team and myself hesitantly prepare ourselves for what is about to be revealed. None of us know what the program will look like until it gets handed out to us at the briefing prior to the session. This is Ben’s idea of “being in the trenches” style learning with a hard lesson in session planning, training protocol (rep ranges, sets, and tempos), as well as exercise selection and technique all occurring the week prior to the session.

Now, I will start off by saying I’m not a novice by any standard of my training age, I’ve been doing this for a few years now for myself and as a profession, and this training style is not for the faint hearted. There’s none of this bodybuilding style, set, rest, mirror flex, set, rest, and bang out as much weight (even if your technique is dangerously terrible) as possible stuff. All of it is a precisely calculated programming with each aspect having a specific purpose. I can’t give away too many secrets but I can say that there were definitely times where I thought I was going to throw up, pass out, curl up in a foetal position and cry as it broke me. Don’t even get me started on the rigor mortis feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness the next day when you try to get out of bed! But there is something very humbling when you complete such a session; you feel a sense of achievement as well as mental growth. I have never been one of those trainers who just read sources and prescribes. How could I, being in an industry that is based on physical activity? With such an attitude, how would I know what it is like to truly go through the pain and commitment of a client for the resulting effect?

Speaking of such an effect, I am currently working with Ben through a 12-week transformation challenge. The abovementioned year of travelling brought all of its challenges such as lack of gym access (at $30US a workout 5 times a week, you do the math), less then ideal nutrition, and the ever-present peer pressure of late night socialising. I realise many of you reading this will think that a serious trainer would have found a way but honestly, that would have taken away from my entire globetrotting experience. Now that I have got that out of my system, I’m itching to get back and surpass how I once was. I am roughly halfway through the transformation process and will be posting final results in a ‘Part 2′ of this article. So stay tuned for progress pictures, stats, thoughts, and some more insight about what ASP has to offer. But if you can’t wait that long, contact either myself, or Ben through the website and go through it yourself!


Above is a sneak peak of Brian’s progress in his ASP Evolution Transformation. Along with his 12 week program mentioned above, Brian was also part of a ‘two week trainer challenge’ where ASP had the privilege of transforming three trainers from varied backgrounds into the best shape of their lives, in less than fourteen days! Incredible changes already Brian, and only two of twelve weeks down!

For full details and images of the two week trainer transformations, head to our Trainer Challenge: A Lot Can Happen In Two Weeks! blog post.