October 15, 2013
by ASP Admin

Struggling to lose that festive season bulge?

Looking to shed that final 1% body fat that just won’t move?

Below are four untold truths of fat that may change your perception on what’s best for your body, and might just be the key to dropping those kilos!

1. Everyday Fat Cells DON’T Multiply!

Fat gain is actually often due to an increase in the storage size of the fat cells, NOT the number. The only time fat cells multiply is during puberty or pregnancy. As a result, individuals who tend to gain fat during those times, will find it harder to lose weight.

TIP: A great tip for accelerating that fat loss is coupling a high quality flexseed/ fish oil together with L-carnitine. This helps to increase the energy production of the cell and increase overall metabolism.

2. High Cholesterol is NOT a Be All and End All Indicator

Having a ‘High Cholesterol’ level may not be all that bad. Cholesterol is a lipid molecule found in all cell membranes and a main constituent of our brains. Sometimes, a high cholesterol reading can actually reflect the natural response of the body to replenish the loss of cholesterol via cell disruptions like stress or cell oxidation. So in fact, high cholesterol can often just indicate the body’s healthy process of repairing itself.

3. Fat is the Body’s Toxin Storage System

Fat accumulation is the body’s natural protective instinct against the effects of toxins. From petrochemicals and xenoestrogens to heavy metals, we are in contact with at least 200 of these toxins on a daily basis, causing our bodies to be in a constant state of protection. It is no wonder why our population is getting fatter and more disease ridden.

4. Saturated Fat is Essential!

Saturated Fat is critical to maintain cell membrane integrity and an essential synergist for the effective absorption of amino acids in the body. It is therefore imperative we include servings of unprocessed saturated fat in our diets. Societal emphasis on low fat and high carb/astpartamic products has no doubt contributed to a population deprived of essential proteins for body repair and detoxification.

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