Scientifically driven protocols individually tailored to produce empowered athletes that
are stronger, faster, leaner, and more powerful, all within the shortest time possible.

As an athlete, training will have formed comfortable grooves into your body and mind. Yet this same idea of comfort can become the very core of your weakness.

At ASP, we know what it takes to be the best and pride ourselves in developing  athletes that are stronger, faster and more efficient in their sport.


Our Athletic Advancement Program expertly combines five core disciplines crucial to athletic excellence:


We believe that a strong mind precedes a strong body. That’s why we feel it is important to first create a positive and strong mental framework that will set the foundation for physical success.

Our system expertly combines the disciplines of Positive Psychology, Neuro-Lingistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to empower each athlete in overcoming their mental limitations both on the field and in the gym.


Our athletes undergo a comprehensive series of postural and functional movement analyses designed to identify problem areas such as:

  • Power vs Strength Ratios
  • Sports Specific Strength, Speed & Power
  • Muscle Fiber & Twitch Type Composition
  • Structural Weaknesses
  • Faulty Movement Sequencing
  • Compensatory Mechanisms

The information serves as a blueprint for designing programs that will facilitate optimal mechanics of movement for specific activities and sports. The result is athletes who are well-balanced, stronger and less prone to injury


Sports specific nutrition and supplementation is vital for athletic performance, rate of recovery, and ability to adaptively improve.

Our athletes undergo BioPrint assessments. The program regularly monitors each athlete’s body composition, hormonal levels, dietary and supplementation needs as well as other lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep. Based on this assessment, recommendations will be specifically and tailored personally to produce optimal performance and recovery during different training phases, off-season and on-season.

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