Grip: Pinch Grip Reverse Curls | BEN SIONG

Feb 5 , 2018 
by ASP Admin


I love my grip toys. For one, grip strength is one of the most underrated factors in elbow and shoulder stability and strength, and is often what limits our pressing and pulling progress. Secondly, a set of well-developed guns can only be built on the foundation of strong forearms.

So, to cap off a session, I squeezed a few of these pinch grip reverse curls into my routine. The focus here was on keeping an isometric contraction in wrist pronation while taxing the brachioradialis in a reverse curl.

The majority of the exercises focusing on bicep growth stresses the supinated position – of course, given that the biceps brachii is a strong supinator. However, a lack of wrist loading in the pronated position will lead to muscular imbalances, weakness and eventual pain in the elbow joint, that may radiate to the shoulders and neck.

This simple exercise is a great way to balance out the forearms and promote bicep growth. By utilising a pinch grip on a dumbbell in a reverse curl, I’m also overloading the weakest point on strength curve of the biceps and exposing my nervous system to a different stimulus – doubling as a plateau breaker. Win-win!

Benjamin Siong
Founder and Master Strength Coach



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