With numerous titles in powerlifting, natural bodybuilding, athletics and taekwondo, it is clear that Sheryl not only has the knowledge behind her but also the first hand experience. After more than a decade of competitive athletics and earning numerous international medals in taekwondo, Sheryl Lee diversified her passion and elaborate understanding of human movement, delving into powerlifting in 2014.

Since then, she has gone on to become one of the highest ranked powerlifters in Australia, pulling an impressive triple bodyweight deadlift of 165kg to take 2nd place at the 2016 IPF Melbourne Open. Proving herself as quite an all-rounder, she also competed in bodybuilding, placing 1st in the Novice Figure category at the 2016 ANB VIC State Championships.

Her excellence in sport ignited her passion for optimising training and nutrition to achieve progress, both for herself and her clients. Coupled with a diverse sporting background, she has a keen understanding of movement and loading mechanics for enhancing strength and performance while preventing injury.

The consistency in Sheryl’s approach to physical activity is power and strength – the power of the mind, leads to the strength of the body. Sheryl believes they are perfectly connected, and aspires to transfer this lifelong continued research into her clients’ progress in order to achieve sustainable results. Specialising in strength training, be it for people wanting to transform their body composition, or for those who specifically want to increase their physical and mental strength, Sheryl’s training systems and strategies dictate results.


Australian Strength Coach (Strength System Level 2)

FMA Strength Institute (Level 3)

Taekwondo Blackbelt (Kukkiwon World Headquarters, 1st Dan)

Certificate III and IV in Fitness

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