Competing onstage in a physique competition has always been one of the items on my bucket list waited to be ticked off. This could not be done without the help of Australian Strength Performance. Coach Benjamin Siong has been very supportive in guiding me through my diet to optimize my body composition using the evolution program.  He also carefully designed training programs based on my progress to build my physique to its potential to stand out onstage. Of course, his presence in the competition with the rest of the team ASP boosted my confidence level as well.

I am also very grateful to have had Coach George who was very helpful, patient and pushed me both physically and mentally to overcome all the obstacles that I encountered in our training sessions.He made sure that I executed the training correctly to be stage ready before the competition. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for not only making the dream of competing onstage a reality for me but also for the two trophies that I brought home the same night. I must say that I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me before I step on the stage again in 2016.

From Team ASP


A personal trainer himself, Brian’s goal when seeking our help was to give him specific protocols in accelerating his fat loss. We worked with Brian using Bioprint, a technique that allows us to understand his distribution of body fat and correlating that with outstanding hormonal imbalances, his lifestyle as well as genetic traits. Issues such as poor carbohydrate tolerance, gut stress, poor digestion and disrupted sleep were all on the list to tackle

We found that Brian’s current nutrition plan, whilst relatively ‘healthy’ was not effective for him. He needed to make changes in cutting off starchy carbs for his diet for a period of time to allow for more insulin sensitivity. We also introduced more saturated fat sources like coconut oils and butter which he had been avoiding for such a long time.

One other area we focused on was to improve Brian’s gut health. We limited foods that had know to cause him intolerant responses, such as diary and yeast,this included protein shakes. We then introducing fermented foods that provided good gut flora like kefir and kambucha. Actual pre and probiotics supplements as well as enzymes were also part of the detailed protocol.

In a matter of weeks, Brian’s bloating went down, fat loss was immediate ( despite an actual calorie increase), and his energy levels soared. Furthermore, his ability to gain muscle also increased dramatically, allowing him to make the physical progress he always wanted.

Brian C

Crossfit Competitor
ANB Virus State Championships, Men’s Fitness Model-4th place
ANB Virus State Championships, Men’s Over 30s Fitness Model-4th place