About Us

At ASP, we recognise that every person is not just unique physiologically, but also in their past experiences, needs, motivations and goals. Therefore, each protocol recommended is tailored to empower the individual to make better lifestyle choices and overcome the limitations placed on themselves.

Training with Australian Strength Performance goes beyond just physical strength development. While strength gains are an expected outcome of any ASP program, it is the vast array of many other physical and psychological factors encapsulated in every single ASP protocol that makes ASP’s programs so uniquely effective.

From the very novice fitness bunny to the highly seasoned bodybuilder, we have the right personalised protocols to help you overcome your plateaus and emerge your winning best.


Our process involves understanding your unique body composition and recommending training protocols and nutrition plans suited to your individual requirements. It’s all in customising each scientific approach.


Achieve your ultimate body transformation with ASP. We have helped over 10,000 individuals transform their bodies and their lifestyles, and that number is still counting up.

From the fitness enthusiast to fitness models, bodybuilders and elite level athletes, we provide optimal protocols to help you overcome your plateaus and emerge your winning best.