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ASP Coach Level 2

The ASP Coach Level 2 certification builds upon the ASP level 1 content and focuses on Advanced Population clientele, such as fitness models, bodybuilders, clients prepping for a photo shoot, actors needing into a shape fast for a role, or even an amateur athlete.

This comprehensive 3-day course will take your coaching knowledge to the next level. Get a deeper understanding of physiology, programming specificity as well as the individualization of protocols for fast results. You will also be given effective and immediately usable frameworks for the organization of information and the delivery of tailored training and nutritional solutions.

Specifically, this course includes:

  • Screening methods for advanced populations.
  • Advanced training variables to consider in programming and periodization.
  • Specific training methodologies, protocols and their application.
  • Understanding calories, calculations and their specific role in nutrition.
  • Factors to consider in individualizing nutrition, such as: the thermic effects of food, nutrient timing, carbohydrate tolerance, digestive health, inflammation etc.
  • Coaching for fast results and compliance – getting your client to listen.
  • The immediate application of theories through training practicals.
Who it’s for?
  • Trainers/coaches who want to increase their theoretical knowledge, develop their coaching skills as well as increase their competency in creating better results with advanced population clients.

The ASP Coach Level 1 course. As long as participants have completed the ASP Coach level 1 class components, they can register for this course.

Certification and Points
  • The course is a REPS UAE certified course and participants will receive the full 10 CPD points for the 3 days. Participants will also receive a ASP Coach Level 1 certification recognized by ASP Education International upon successful completion and submission of all 3 criteria.
  • Each ASP level 2 coach will be added to an International ASP Coach database that will acknowledge them as an affiliate, and help promote their business and services.
(The Register of Exercise Professionals)
(Athletics and Fitness Certification of America)
(National Academy of Sports Medicine)
PTA Global (Personal Training Academy)
16 CPD21 CEC

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