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With a membership at ASP, you’ll become part of a dedicated fitness community and have access to the best equipment in Melbourne!

Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, commitment is a necessary part of the fitness equation. Because of this, we take great care in evaluating

Becoming a part of the ASP family means joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are after similar goals when it comes to improving their physiological and psychological health through strength and resistance training!

But don’t take out word for it, here’s what our clients have to say about the ASP experience!

Lea’s Story

I’ve always been scared of leading an ordinary life, accepting a routine which would lull me into a coma like state, leading toward…nowhere special. Then one day I realised I was heading there! Early 30′s, no longer as fit as I thought I was and lacking goals.

The ASP Team challenged me to change, they changed my life!! I’ve learnt about pushing myself to extraordinary new levels, have developed a whole new understanding of nutrition and supplementation and conquered limitations in my mind.

When everything you want seems so far away, it takes one decision, one choice to change. I made it and haven’t looked back!

Lea G
INBA Miss Figure Novice – 1st runner up (2009)

Karan’s Story

My personal weight loss journey began 3 years ago when I lost 22 kilos in 8 months. Long cardio sessions and occasional magazine-based workouts had made me a ‘skinny-fat’ person with little muscle and strength. My next goal was thus aimed at becoming more muscular.

Having witnessed a friend’s amazing body transformation with Australian Strength Performance first hand, I was convinced to seek advice from these fitness experts. On my first consult with the ASP Team, I was absolutely blown away by his knowledge on nutrition, supplementation and training. Instantly, I knew that if anyone could take me to the next level and help me acheive my goal, it would be him.

From day 1, Ben was eager to help me understand his methods behinds the workout and nutritional recommendations. Each training session was never the same and I was always challenged to push myself just that little bit further. With each week, I grew more confident, felt stronger and had tons more energy. Sure, some days were harder than others, and while I had felt like quitting, Ben’s constant motivation, dedication and guidance enabled me to push through my pit stops. It was those times that had made me stronger both physically and mentally.

Training with Ben and his Team has been a life changing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better personal trainer, coach, friend and mentor. Looking back at my physique from when I started, I simple cannot believe my transformation! I feel confident, look great and now aspire towards bigger goals.

I highly recommend ASP to anyone who would like to kickstart a life changing journey. They will inspire you, renew your self-confidence and help you be the champion you were meant to be.

Conquer your Mind and Body with ASP for a New you!

Good Luck!
Karan D

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