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Nutrition is a key component of any successful training program. You are what you eat and the team at ASP knows this all too well. That’s why we go over and above to ensure your nutrition is tailored specifically for you to get the best results out of your experience with us.

We utilize a cutting-edge method called Bioprint (also known as Bio Signature) to better understand your hormonal blueprint. We know from research that hormonal imbalances can contribute to poor health and fat storage in specific regions, for example, the lower tummy and back, thighs, love-handles, arms, etc. As such, being predisposed to regional fat gain is your body’s way of telling us something is physiologically amiss needs to be addressed.

Our trained practitioners will assess your lifestyle factors, history, stressors, nutritional habits and provide nutritional and lifestyle solutions to help you lose fat from unwanted regions, rebalance your hormones and help you feel you function, perform and feel very best.

Your optimal balance is central to how we design both training and nutrition.

  • How much time can you dedicate?
  • What is practical for your lifestyle?
  • What are your potential roadblocks?
  • Are you an all or nothing person?

These are just some of the questions we consider when giving you your fitness solution. To us, an optimal program needs an optimal buy-in from you. Once we know you are able to commit the recommendations, you’ll be sure that results you want will follow!


Change begins from the inside, which is why we believe finding out about your unique body composition is key to your success.

What is Bioprint?

BioPrint is a scientific breakthrough in changing one’s body composition through spot reduction of fat.

Before you quickly push that notion away, let us first reiterate that targeting fat loss by solely concentrating on exercises that target a specific area of the body is impossible. However, scientific research has proven that spot reduction can in fact occur when addressing the hormonal imbalances that contribute to fat storage at a specific site on the body.

This is the premise for BioPrint – an individualised hormonal approach, based on over 35 years of empirical evidence and research by internationally renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin. The method is an extension of BioSignature Modulation and works off the principles of functional medicine. It allows for an accurate identification of hormonal, lifestyle and nutritional issues that are unique to the person tested, and enables us to provide individualised solutions.

This means no more fad diets, mindless workout routines or invasive procedures; BioPrint helps you shed the excess fat and sculpt your body in a smart precise way.

What is Involved in My First BioPrint Assessment?

The initial BioPrint consult at ASP is aimed at helping us understand your current physiological makeup and gives us an insight into your nutrition deficits/needs, pre-existing food sensitivities and current hormonal imbalances. The process lasts approximately two hours in total and includes:

  • A 14-site calliper test of your current body fat composition (i.e. ratio of lean muscle to body fat).
  • A comprehensive analysis of lifestyle factors (stressors, sleep patterns, toxicity, nutrition & digestion) and exercise habits.
  • An analysis of your hormonal imbalances, addressing the following: Stress hormones, Insulin, Androgens, Oestrogens, Thyroid Function and Growth Hormone
What Do I Get From My Assessment?

By focusing on your specific nutritional, supplementation and lifestyle needs, we then translate the information into an individualised plan designed exclusively for you.

You will be given strategies and protocols that are specific to your goals and clinically proven to give you the most optimal results in the least amount of time. Regardless of whether you are looking to pack on lean muscle mass, shed fat in specific areas, or perform optimally in sport, you can be assured that we will help you get there, fast! You will also receive a comprehensive report that forms the starting point to your body transformation journey. This report contains personalised information including:

  • Your body’s genetic makeup
  • Your hormonal levels and imbalances
  • Your specific nutritional and supplementation plans
  • Your lifestyle recommendations from us

This information will be used to monitor the changes in your body in the subsequent weeks of the program. Your progress will be managed every step of the way and you’ll be fully supported in your quest to look good, feel great and perform optimally.

When Is My Next BioPrint Assessment?

We recommend having a BioPrint assessment at least once every 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation and body composition tests.

Regular follow-ups are essential for our team to track your body’s response to the program and its protocols.

Once you see the body composition analysis results from these follow-ups, you will notice how easy it actually is to lose that unwanted fat!

When Can I Expect To See Results?

This is where your commitment to the program plays a crucial role. No amount of instructions or support we give will help, if you are unwilling to make changes to your lifestyle and nutrition. Of course, there are other factors such as the type and duration of the hormonal imbalance, your ability/availability for exercise, and the accessibility to whole foods that are beyond your control and will affect results. That said, we have found that all our clients thus far have experienced substantial improvements within just 10 to 12 weeks and most noticing changes within a matter of days, just by following our protocols.

For further information on BioPrint or BioSignature, including packages and cost, get in touch with us.

Why wait to take that step to looking great and feeling fantastic?