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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Online Coaching

No more excuses!

At ASP, we pride ourselves on the high level of specificity and individualisation that goes into each and every program we create.

The ASP online training system is catered to individuals who want optimal results but due to distance, are unable to travel into our facility nor have had the opportunity to work with our coaches in Melbourne.

For a fraction of our in-house personal coaching cost, you will receive the same high-level of individualised training, nutrition and supplementation protocols that form the platform for our consistent results.

How Does ASP Online Work?

To begin, you will be sent two lifestyle and training questionnaires immediately once your registration and payment is complete. Your answers will become the platform that we will use to design your individualised training and nutritional protocols.

You will be allocated an ASP coach once we have received your completed questionnaires. They will be delivering your programs and nutritional protocols and will be in contact with you weekly though emails that adhere to a structured format. The introduction of a new monthly program will be delivered via email and then followed up through an online interaction platform like Skype or FaceTime. The coach will also use this time to discuss and plan your nutrition goals.

Your progress will also be tracked via pictures, measurement systems, and your responses though our weekly check-ins. Any changes to your programming or nutrition will be made if necessary, based on your feedback and progress. Your results is our priority and we are committed to work with you over the term of your chosen programming plan and support you to achieve your desired fitness goal.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few of our successful clients:

“Under The ASP Team guidance, I had in-depth nutritional plans written up for me, and was taught to eat according to what was beneficial for my body. I also carried out a gut-rebuilding protocol that did wonders for my digestion, recovery and muscle gain. Training programs were highly specific and effective, transforming me into the best shape I have been in my life. My body fat percentage dropped from 19.5% to 11.7% and I made significant strength and muscle gains.”

– Simon S.

Despite being all the way in Malaysia, Linora was able to successfully transform her physique with the careful and attentive guidance of Ben, and achieve fantastic results in an incredibly short time.

This has been life changing. If you are an athlete like myself, these guys are at the top of their game. Get your edge with ASP.”

-Nicholas Hii (National Soccer player).

This time with the help of Ben, I fought at the 2016 World Championships at my strongest and leanest – 9% bodyfat.

-Meagan Evans (2016 IBJJF World Championships Bronze medallist)

3 Months
$1900 AUD

6 Months
$3300 AUD

12 Months
$5500 AUD