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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Luke T.

Since I was a kid, I was always into weight training and was often working out without a distinct goal. ‘To get big, to get ripped’ I always thought to myself but I never got the results I desired. My interests in health and fitness led me to commence a career as a personal trainer. I thought my education and past experience would put me in good stead for my career ahead. Little did I know that the lifestyle I was leading prior to my career change would result in a major injury that I sustained that has left me permanently scarred. Lack of proper nutrition, supplementation and incorrect exercise techniques caused me to sustain a significant tear in my right chest (pectoralis minor) which further resulted in postural issues to the right side of my upper body.

To get big, to get ripped’ I always thought to myself but I never got the results I desired.

Luke's 12-Week Transformation

As a result, I could barely do a proper push up on my knees. That’s when I found Australian Strength Performance. They immediately recognized my potential and decided to take me on as an ASP athlete. What better way to overcome an injury then by joining a Bodybuilding competition?! So I did, putting my mind and focus towards the competition. Ben offered me a different and insightful perspective to my training, worked extensively in rehabilitating my injury and greatly improved my strength in all areas. Within a period of 4 months, I had progressed from doing half push-ups on my knees to doing reps of a 100kgs on an incline chest press; and increased my squats from 60kg to 150kgs within the same time!

  • Luke’s goal was to compete on the bodybuilding stage in 10 weeks. Having trained himself consistently, He had the goods but had a torn right pectoral minor that he was currently rehabilitating. If he needed to compete, then we needed to speed up the rehabilitation process, build some muscle due to the atrophy and get him ready for his debut.
  • By the end of his rehab process with us, Luke’s improve was drastic – from doing push-ups on his knees to incline benching 100kgs for repetitions. This was a significant improvement that facilitated muscle growth, symmetry between both pectorals and of course boosted his confidence in his physique. Of course, while holding the focus on the pectoral rehab, we were also able to work improve Luke’s other lifts (e.g, deadlifts and squats), adding a significant amount of lean mass to his frame within the given time.
  • It was truly amazing to see this man’s determination and progress with ASP
It was an arduous journey and when I wasn’t training with Ben, he was always a phone call away motivating me and guiding me through this amazing journey of transformation, inspiration and strength. The competition was a success and a milestone to remember. Placing 3rd and winning best routine in the INBA Vic titles, as well as 5th in the ANB Vic titles were titles beyond my wildest dreams. It is this new found perspective that has empowered me to be the best I can!  Thanks Ben.

Luke T.

INBA Vic Titles 2010, Novice Men, 2nd Runner Up; ‘Best routine/poser’ Winner
ANB Vic Titles 2010, 5th Place
ANB Vic Titles 2013, Fitness Model (Over 30s), 2nd Place