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Jon L.

I had been training in the gym for the last 7 years. I started when I was 20 years old weighing just over 70kgs, and after my 7 years of training I weighed 102kgs and 12% body fat. But I had gotten to a point where I was just going through the motions of going to the gym and lifting weights, I wasn’t achieving anything and my body wasn’t being pushed anymore. I saw the 12 week transformation program as part of the ASP Evolution approach on the ASP website and wondered what I would transform into. I couldn’t believe how much your body could change in such a short amount of time. After speaking with The ASP Team we decided that we would spend 16 weeks training for the ANB body building competition. I had always wanted to get to a point where I could have a picture hang on my wall next to the20-year-old me showing what a determination and hard work can achieve.

My training was nothing short of intense, it was like the first time I had ever trained again, my 7 years of training stood for nothing. It was shock to my system that my body needed. Every time I would start to get used to the exercises the training program and phases would change so it is constantly pushing my body. It was by far the most progress I have made over the 7 years.

I had always wanted to get to a point where I could have a picture hang on my wall next to the 20-year-old me showing what a determination and hard work can achieve.

Jon's 12-Week Transformation

It was only after the first few weeks that I started to notice my body changing, I became stronger and more flexible. I started noticing muscle definition coming out all over my body. The weeks leading up to the competition were easily the hardest but that was made easier but the support I received from Ben, he was always there to coach me through my training, nutrition and he motivated me to keep going.


Ben was great he was able to provide me with important information such as my body fat percentage, what I shouldn’t be eating and what I should be eating more of. It turned training into science where I had a goal to work towards and there were specific processes that would get me there.

This experience has taught me a lot to do with how to train and what to eat but most of all it has taught me discipline and determination which I will be able to apply to many other avenues in my life. I recommend ASP to anyone who wants to give themselves a rewarding challenge that will change their lives.

I made it to the ANB bodybuilding competition in great shape. It was my first competition and, with Ben there to prep me before going on stage, I walked away with both a ‘2nd over 90kg’ and  ‘Best posing routine over 90kgs’ trophy!

It’s been such a great experience, my girlfriend is now training with ASP! Thanks again to Ben and the ASP Team.

I will never forget this journey with Ben and the ASP Team. They have changed my life and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done.


Jon L.