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Skye L.

After a few months of running myself silly in the cardio section, I was frustrated that the curves I craved weren’t appearing and all I was getting was extremely skinny and lacking shape! I knew I was doing it all wrong and decided to enlist the help from The ASP Team. Showing him a photo of an ANB sports model, I told him to prepare me for the next competition in March 2013.

Ben thoroughly qualified my current physique and diet and devised a holistic program that included specific training protocols, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes tailored to my profile. Not having any previous experience with weight training, I was taught everything from scratch and I learned how to engage specific muscles for each particular movement – muscles I didn’t even know I had!

I was taught everything from scratch and I learnt how to engage specific muscles for each particular movement

Skye's 12-Week Transformation

ASP’s ability to deliver personalized, customer-focused service was a key strength that carried me through my competition preparation. As the diet and training got more challenging, Ben and his team not only offered support inside the gym, but also emotional support outside when the pressure got too much and I was tempted to throw it all in.

Within 11 weeks, I managed to develop lean muscle mass on my slender frame and got down to 8% body fat. The knowledge that Ben was there backing me all the way gave me the confidence to step up on stage at the ANB Fitness Mania championship, placing 3rd in the ANB female sports model over 30 categories.

  • Skye had come to us seeing the success of her partner Jon with our Evolution program. She had been a cardio bunny but now wanted to compete as a sports model in a bodybuilding show. So, we took on the challenge and had 11 weeks exactly to prep her.
  • With such short time frames, it’s often difficult to make changes that will be accepted easily by clients. They often have no idea on what to expect with the programming and nutritional demands that have to be made in order to be stage ready.
  • But with all that expectation set in place, Skye did push through. Nutrition wasn’t so much the issue with her, but rather learning to engage the necessary muscles with training. We had to employ a variety of different training styles and methods, exposing her body to understanding different contraction types so as to elicit conscious recruitment of muscles. 11 weeks. What seemed like the longest journey, but Skye had risen to the occasion and accomplished so much with her physique. We changed her whole shape through the process, giving her the 3rdplace win in her first sports model show.
I couldn’t have dreamt of a better result for my competition debut and the achievement has fuelled my passion to keep learning and pushing to come back stronger and harder for the May contests this year.

Skye L,

ANB Fitness Model Over 30, 2nd runner up 2013 

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