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One size doesn’t fit all- and that’s why we have different programs so you can start seeing results quicker!

Our process involves understanding your unique body composition and recommending training protocols and nutrition plans suited to your individual requirements. It’s all in customising each scientific approach.

This is what make our Evolution program so effective and highly successful.


At ASP, we recognise that every person is not just unique physiologically, but also in their past experiences, needs, motivations and goals. Therefore, each protocol recommended is tailored to empower the individual to make better lifestyle choices and overcome the limitations placed on themselves.

The ASP Evolution Approach

Evolution goes beyond just physical strength development. Whether you’re a novice fitness bunny or a highly seasoned body builder, we have the right personalised protocols to help you overcome your plateaus and emerge your winning best!

After falling in love with CrossFit in 2010, I had begun to train daily, and get more serious about my nutrition through paleo eating. While my training improved, and I started noticing some changes in my body shape, the results began to plateau.

ASP came highly recommended as the man to go to as an elite strength and nutrition coach who also understood paleo eating and the CrossFit movement. Through the ASP Evolution system, I was introduced to BioSignature Modulation – a nutritional program that has literally changed my life, bodyshape and wellbeing. Since having my diet changed, I don’t get gassy or bloated; I sleep better, and have far more energy throughout the day without ever being hungry.

The strength programs that ASP pushed me through were awesome but extremely challenging! As I shed fat, my strength levels increased drastically with each passing week.

The effect this had on CrossFit was really motivating – being lean, lighter and stronger obviously helped move better.

The best thing about the ASP 12-week program was the support and accountability. ASP helped push me through the process sharing in the weekly successes. I can honestly say that if you’re looking to lean down fast and improve your performance, well-being and overall health, ASP coaching is an incredible investment.