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Maximise Nutrient Absorption for Muscle Growth!




Training for mass gain? Looking to lean up by increasing your muscle mass? Be sure to maximise your nutrient absorption to maximise your muscle growth!

We should all know by now that muscle hypertrophy is dependant on a lot more than just an increased dietary protein intake. But what exactly should we be consuming to promote a significant and healthy increase in lean muscle mass?

Here’s five of our top supplemental/nutritional recommendations to promoting optimal muscle growth.


Bicarbonates, such as those found in natural sparkling water, are very helpful in increasing stomach hydrochloric acid (HCL) production which supports the effective digestion and absorption of food.

If you are looking to build muscle, then first ensure the food you consume is effectively broken down and absorbed.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

High quality pre and probiotic are necessary to ensure the flourishing of good gut bacteria. These nutritional aids ensure you have a healthy absorption system and prevent the onset of stomach bugs. The latter being an all too common setback in the form of unnecessary weight loss.


Zinc is the precursor for the absorption of all nutrients. It also assists in increasing stomach HCL production and is a necessary ingredient for the production of testosterone, a prime hormone for muscle gain.


Dietary magnesium is a nutrient that works synergistically with zinc. Daily intake can help suppress stress levels, prevent weight gain across the stomach regions and increase testosterone levels through the reduction of cortisol.

Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is am essential component in the production of fat-soluble hormones like testosterone, cholesterol for healthy brain integrity and function, and also promotes an optimal metabolic rate. Often, the inability to lose weight and gain muscle can be directly attributed to the lack of saturated fat intake. Some great sources of saturated fat include cold-pressed coconut oil and organic servings of butter.

Written by

Benjamin Siong

Founder and Master Strength Coach

Australian Strength Performance