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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

David C.

LIFE CHANGING! They’re the first two words that spring to mind when reflecting on my training with The ASP Team. Their sheer passion to get results, and motivation to drive me to my goal was unbelievable. I commenced my personal training program with ASP in January ’08. I was an overweight, unconfident, unmotivated person, with an unhealthy lifestyle and seemed to be going backward in life. I decided to go back to the gym as a spur of the moment decision but when I got there I still didn’t have the drive to do it. Sensing this, Ben approached me and showed me “before and after” pictures of a mutual friend of ours Jack.

I regained the structure around my face and also got back the abs I had once lost.

David's 12-Week Transformation

I was astonished by these results, which really opened my eyes to what a professional and driven personal trainer can do.

By the end of the week I was ready and signed up to go and it was the best experience of my life. I ended up losing almost 8 inches around my waist; I regained the structure around my face and also got back the abs I had once lost.

  • Dave’s long days at work, his irregular eating and weekend drinking habits were the brunt of his body composition problems. He had gained weight, but did not have the motivation to lose it, nor knew how to effectively, for that matter.
  • We worked with Dave for 12 short weeks. For him, it was learning how to establish good habits – from having breakfast to substituting that alcoholic beverage to something else like soda water with lime. It was that mindset change, that paradigm that was so important to his transformation. Bit by bit, it was about getting used to the changes we made and seeing the physical change in his physique that gave him motivation.
  • It wasn’t long before Dave saw his six-pack appear. From his shoulders to his arms, Dave was getting the chiseled physique he aspired for, and the compliments from friends, family, and colleagues were rolling in.  Of course, the better he looked, the more motivated he got to train. He would increase his own training frequency because he felt good about it and actually had the energy to do so! This was a great example of a complete mindset and lifestyle change. As coaches, we are big advocates in teaching a man to fish, rather than giving him a fish.
Now I look and feel great, I now know the right foods and the right way to exercise and I have so much motivation in my life, and my work. Training with ASP is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made!

David C.