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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Helen M.

Why enter the International All Female Bodybuilding (INBA) Competition in Melbourne whilst I’m half way through my travels of Asia and Australia? Because I’ve wanted to compete for the last two years and I believe I had finally met a trainer who could get me there. This would be Ben, Senior BioSignature Modulation Practitioner and Master Strength Coach.

When I started training with Ben, I was very out of shape. I had been traveling for the last 5 months and lived a true travelers lifestyle of drinking and eating whatever I could lay my hands on. I had a great time but my body really did not appreciate it at all. Apart from my weight and body shape that had significantly ballooned out, I had also developed multiple food intolerances and occasional bouts of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Ben had a lot of undoing to do.

They’ve helped me achieve a goal that I thought would be impossible, something I could only dream about.

Helen's 12-Week Transformation

Ben took me through a journey, which was very difficult at times but every bit so rewarding. The program was adapted to me and my goals, and I was given an initial list of foods that I had to adhere to (this changed as my body started to heal), as well as a specific supplementation program to get my system back on track.

The protocols were challenging and dynamic. Yes, it was hard and I may have a shed a tear or two… or more but the results are 100% worth it. I’m at my best when I’m focused and adhering to a program – Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without ASP. They’ve helped me achieve a goal that I thought would be impossible, something I could only dream about.

Life really is what you make it. Ben and The ASP Team have taught me to stay focused, train hard, be positive and strive for the things that you really want. It’s also about the journey that they’ve helped me take. I look back now from where I started and I’ve come so far in just a short space of time. They’ve changed my body and my focus on life, especially my training.

  • Helen was a traveler but had set her sights on competition amidst her travels to Melbourne. Who says you can get lean and look great on holidays?
  • She already had a strong background in group fitness classes and often taught them back in the UK. Our challenge was now to change her mindset from ‘doing cardio is the key to fat burn’ to ‘resistance training for the win!’
  • It was refreshing to have her open mindset toward our new unorthodox approach. We worked hard to reshape her body, focusing on muscle groups like the glutes, thighs, shoulders and mid back musculature. Training up to 5 days per week, but keep sessions short and sharp – minimal rest breaks and lots of muscular fatigue. Cardio was also reduced drastically as that had been the cause of poor lymphatic drainage and fat gain for her in the first place.
  • It results was like clockwork. The more she followed our lead, the more her body responded to the changes: leaning down, building muscles and shaping up. It was all happening.
  • We saw Helen step up on stage within 12 weeks – a traveler and fitness model with a figure to die for. That’s a big tick in the goal section!
I am proud to be an ASP trained athlete and will be back next year.

Helen M.,INBA All Female Classic 2010, Miss Figure Novice, 4th Place