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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Jack T.

For the longest time, I was stuck in a rut. Despite working out religiously and repetitively, I realized that the results I obtained were minimal. Lacking the know how, support and resolve to accomplish my desired goals, I decided to seek professional help from the ASP Team.

Before training with ASP, I had always considered myself rather savvy when it came to weight lifting and training. I soon became conscious from our intensive PT sessions that I was sadly mistaken. Training with ASP quickly equipped me with a variety of extremely challenging exercises, and made me recognize the importance of how good nutrition balanced with effective training contributed to an athletic physique.

Not only did I accomplish my goals, I’ve also managed to maintain my physique.

Jack's 12-Week Transformation

With a combination of efficient weight training, high-intensity cardio and good nutrition, in weeks, I saw remarkable results. It was amazing how, just by following ASP’s guidelines, I was transformed into one of an increasingly more toned, buff physique. Though the process was grueling, Ben was not only a trainer but also a mentor and offered unwavering motivation every step of the way.

Just 12 weeks later, I became a powerfully built individual. My self-confidence was beaming and my peers were astonished, even envious, by the results that I had achieved. The old me shunned away from the limelight and tried hard to conceal my bodily imperfections. Now, I feel sure of myself strolling down the beach topless on a sunny day knowing all eyes are on me.

  • It was really fun to have worked with Jack. This guy often cracked us up with his loud comments and jokes in the gym. But when it came to his own transformation –there was definitely no jokes about it there.
  • Jack had a goal to achieve his six pack and lean physique and was determined to get there. We worked out Jack’s plan of action with regards to training and nutrition and had 12 weeks to get him to a photoshoot.
  • The focus was on nutritional planning and understanding how foods, not just calories affected his physique. We introduced food variety, specific nutrient timing. e.g, higher Glycemic Index carbs post workout, and specific peri-workout nutrition.
  • We also got him training 4 times per week with each session lasting about an hour, with an emphasis on hypertrophy and overall fitness. The intention of feeling the movement in the specific muscles, rather than just moving the weight was key. This was what we had to drill into Jack through every workout.
  • It was definitely a very successful and confidence boosting transformation, with Jack achieving his ‘CK model’ Look! Watch out, Marky Mark. There’s a new kid in town and his name is Jack!
ASP has instilled in me vital knowledge about successful training, and I encourage anyone seeking a dramatic and positive lifestyle and bodily change to consider consulting their expertise.

Jack T.