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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Karan D.

My personal weight loss journey began 3 years ago when I lost 22 kilos in 8 months. Long cardio sessions and occasional magazine-based workouts had made me a ‘skinny-fat’ person with little muscle and strength. My next goal was thus aimed at becoming more muscular.

Having witnessed a friend’s amazing body transformation with Australian Strength Performance first hand, I was convinced to seek advice from these fitness experts. On my first consult with the ASP Team, I was absolutely blown away by his knowledge on nutrition, supplementation and training. Instantly, I knew that if anyone could take me to the next level and help me acheive my goal, it would be him.

I simply cannot believe my transformation!

Karan's 12-Week Transformation

From day 1, Ben was eager to help me understand his methods behinds the workout and nutritional recommendations. Each training session was never the same and I was always challenged to push myself just that little bit further. With each week, I grew more confident, felt stronger and had tons more energy. Sure, some days were harder than others, and while I had felt like quitting, Ben’s constant motivation, dedication and guidance enabled me to push through my pit stops. It was those times that had made me stronger both physically and mentally.

Training with Ben and his Team has been a life changing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better personal trainer, coach, friend and mentor. Looking back at my physique from when I started, I simple cannot believe my transformation! I feel confident, look great and now aspire towards bigger goals.

  • Karan had begin his own weight loss journey but his weight had stalled and his changes weren’t budging.
  • One major change we made was to make him realise the amount of unnecessary sugars he was putting into his system from marinates, juices and foods.  We also cut out foods that he seemed intolerant to such as milk and yoghurt, and replaced that with alternatives such as coconut milk/almond milk. Often it’s the simple changes that make the most difference.
  • In implementing the nutrition advise and  the workout protocols we designed for him, Karan saw his physique change weekly and was able to take his fat loss to the next level, where no doubt this guy could be Bollywood’s next super star.
I highly recommend ASP to anyone who would like to kickstart a life-changing journey. They will inspire you, renew your self-confidence and help you be the champion you were meant to be.

Conquer your Mind and Body with ASP for a New You!

Good Luck!

Karan D.