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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Aaron L.

Bodybuilding has been something I had wanted to do for many years. I always admired the dedication, time and effort it takes to get up on that stage and show to everyone just how hard you’ve worked. Competing for the first time this year I got a firsthand look at just how much effort is required by not only yourself but everyone you know. This has been one of the toughest things I have ever done and I have no doubt that I would not have been able to make it without the help of The ASP Team.

While I’ve been training over the last year and the half, it wasn’t until 12 weeks out from the INBA Victorian titles that I started working with Ben, and believe me when I say, this is when the REAL training started. With Ben and The ASP Team, I was amazed how quickly I overcame my training plateaus and made good gains in muscle mass, despite having to diet down for the competition (my body fat dropped from an initial 14.3% to a low 4.2% on stage!). ASP taught me new ways to not only eat and train but also live! I had never done a proper workout until I started training with ASP and it’s definitely set the standard for my future workouts if I am to continue my rapid progress.

 I always admired the dedication, time and effort it takes to get up on that stage and show to everyone just how hard you’ve worked.

Aaron's 12-Week Transformation

I also want to make a special mention to the time and effort Ben put into improving my physique. The dedication he put in was above and beyond what I expected and I was guided through every step of my journey to finally compete. I never doubted myself or what I was doing because of Ben’s knowledge, experience and expertise in everything required.

  • Aaron was a dream client to work with. Though this was his first competition experience, he was a highly compliant client, following to the tee what was required of him with regards to training and nutrition. No complaining, but one could definitely see the determination in his eyes.
  • The transformation process went over twelve weeks, and his physique became sharper as the weeks passed. Of course, the low carb days were challenging, as I had to work him through multiple sets depleted and tired. It times like this that really test one’s desire to win. Yet, Aaron made sure each repetition counted, forcing out every last one.
  • I clearly remember high volume legs days being particularly interesting, as Aaron’s had been used to training with heavier loads, fewer reps and much longer rest. Having a particularly low lactic tolerance didn’t help either, and with the increased volume and shorter rest, Aaron would make sure he brought a bucket with him just in case he needed to puke. Well, that seemed like after every set!
  • The bodybuilding shows Aaron decided to compete in were held over 2 consecutive days – 2 different Natural physique federations, the INBA, and the ANB. He achieved a great first-time result taking home 2nd and 3rd place respectively in his divisions amongst tough line-ups, and this coach couldn’t be more proud!
I can safely say that I am addicted to bodybuilding and improving my physique and will definitely be asking ASP to help me dominate up on stage next time I compete!

Aaron L,

INBA Vic Titles 2010, Novice Men, 1st Runner up,
ANB Vic Titles 2010, Juniors Men, 2nd Runner up,
INBA National Titles 2010, Novice Men, 4th Place