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Coral S.

I’ve dabbled in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years and strongly believe that everyone is entitled to have a quality and fulfilling life.  For me, this means helping others to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs…their health and wellbeing.  I have always believed in setting personal and professional goals (big and small) and now that I had turned 40 I wanted to embark upon a quest to get on stage and compete in the Fitness Model category with the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  I knew that to achieve my personal goal it would be imperative to partner with other health and wellbeing specialists with a similar philosophy to my own.  This is where Ben Siong, Founder of Australian Strength Performance and Strength Coach Pricilla Burnett come in.

After completing my research on a quite a few well known Health & Fitness experts, it only took one conversation with Ben and instantly a connection and partnership was created.  All I had to do now was trust in ASP’s process and enjoy the journey to success.  I’m not saying that the journey was easy, however my experience and enjoyment was maximised due to the level of comfort that comes along with partnering with the calibre of health and wellbeing experts like Ben and Pricilla. The difference for me was that both Ben and Pricilla believed in me and my potential and were absolutely committed and dedicated to me achieving success.  As far as they were both concerned my success was their success.  Now that’s a great partnership and one that can’t be found easily (trust me I’ve searched long and hard and it’s very rare).

It only took one conversation with Ben and instantly a connection and partnership was created.

Coral's 12-Week Transformation

My journey involved well thought out, structured training programs that were based on my individual needs (I have a couple of pre-existing injuries), prescriptive nutritional guidelines (never guessing what food, when and how much) and the icing on the cake was the regular BioPrint Melbourne consultations. The BioPrint consult was a critical component to my success; Ben would leverage these results to ascertain how my body was responding to the current training program and nutritional plan and then determine how these needed to change to optimise my transformation.  As a result, my training program and nutritional plans were modulated every two to three weeks based on my own personal progression and physique needs.

The progression photos of my physique were also extremely helpful in allowing me to identify any objective changes, allowing me to increase my focus on those specific areas. Additionally, this comprehensive package was topped off with emotional and mental support from both Ben and Pricilla. On Saturday 29th March 2014, the big day arrived and I achieved my goal of stepping on stage and competing in the over 30’s Fitness Model category. To top off the entire experience I placed 2nd and this wouldn’t have been possible without Ben, Pricilla and The ASP Team.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Coral’s fitness journey did not begin with us. She had several coaches before, was herself a fitness educator and did much self-research on fitness. But as with many fitness professionals, the more you know, the more you confuse you tend to get.
  • Our role was to simplify things for her: not to over complicate things with all the test results, and bring things back to the basics. We started with increasing the variety of foods she ate. This included foods which she had been taught to avoid such as grains and butter. We had to change her low carb diet to one that incorporated more starchy carbs, rotate her meat sources and included a supplement protocol that aided digestion and effective nutrient assimilation.
  • Workout wise, we changed her style of training from whole body, ‘functional’ training to specific body splits that targeted a metabolic effect. Important concepts she had to learn was using tempo and speed of contraction as well as increased range of motion for maximal muscle recruitment.
  • These changes made a massive difference in how her body looked and felt. This gave her the confidence to enroll in the ANB fitness model competition, where she placed second amongst a tough line-up. It was definitely a victory for us!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


Coral S, ANB Fitness Model Over 30, 2nd place 2014.