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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Donna D.

I’ve always been fit and healthy, eating clean and have trained predominately cardio based. However, after a year-long holiday traveling through the Americas and moving back to Australia, I set my self a goal to get into the best possible condition within 4 months and decided to use a fitness model competition to motivate me towards my goal.

I researched online however it wasn’t until I walked past Australian Strength Performance that I was intrigued by their set up. I looked them up online and found that they specialized in athletic training and conditioning as well as physique competition preparation.

I set my self a goal to get into the best possible condition within 4 months

Donna's 12-Week Transformation

I approached the ASP team with my goal and began my journey with the ASP’s Evolution transformation package. Coach Patrick handled my training, and both my Bioprint and overall nutrition was overseen by Coach Ben.

As I approached the 10-week mark to the competition, my training intensity was taken up a few notches and my nutrition plan was monitored weekly and was continually changed according to how my body responded. This helped my body to transform rapidly. My body fat dropped from 16.8 % down to 9.2% within 16 weeks, with the last 6 weeks seeing the most significant differences!

  • Donna was an avid runner and had always used that to keep her fit and on track. However, her recent travels had her routine thrown out and she had lost the motivation to train.
  • It was a pleasure working with Donna. She was motivated and eager to do anything that got her into shape. Her goal was to compete, and we had just that to fulfill. Our starting methodology incorporated weeks of higher intensity training with metabolic training for fat loss, and this was highly effective in losing fat for her. Each program also had an increased focus on her lower half development, particularly her gluts and quad shape, as well as the fullness of her shoulders. This was aimed at creating a more hour glass physique.
  • Donna’s nutrition aimed to make her more insulin sensitive, and had to provide her a good amount of protein for muscle recovery and growth, Advanced body composition techniques like carb and fat cycling were also employed to push fat loss further.
  • While her fat loss presented difficult at certain stages and was certainly not a linear process, we got there eventually. Donna competed at the ANB fitness Model competition as she had planned, placing 4th in both divisions she registered in. From a long distance runner to a fitness model in a few months, and as a first-timer, this was an amazing victory placing and a huge achievement!
On 3 October, I successfully competed in my first competition, the ANB Virus state championships and placed 4th and 5threspectively in the two categories I joined, standing out from a tough line-up of 20 competitors on the day – a major achievement for myself!!  Big thanks to the ASP Team, and Coach Patrick for his dedication and always being up early to start

Donna D,

ANB State Virus Championships – Female Fitness Model Over 30’s 4th place
ANB State Virus Championships – Female Fitness Model Novice 5th place