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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Jennifer L.

After completing ASP’s 12 Week Evolution Program, I feel empowered to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Ben is an excellent coach. He is incredibly knowledgeable and will push you beyond your comfort zone. He is also my mentor, friend and role model who continues to inspire me to be the best version of me. The ASP Team has taught me so much about training and nutrition that I am now confident I can continue eating well and staying fit around a demanding career. I thought I had a decent idea of what eating well meant before this program but I had no idea how misinformed I was. I saw results from week 1 and I’ve never felt better inside and out.

There were many times when I was ready to give up on myself throughout the 12 weeks, and there were lots of tears, but ASP Coach Patrick was always there to pick me up off the floor. He taught me setbacks can only make you stronger and helped me see that I was capable of achieving anything I believed in.


This experience was extremely challenging, and definitely, the hardest thing I’ve ever signed up for, but with hindsight, I can now say it was worth everything I had to give and more.

Jennifer's 12-Week Transformation

At the end of the 12 weeks, I competed at the ANB Victoria State Titles in October and placed 3rd in a class of 25 stunning ladies! This was such an unexpected win for me, but it truly was the result of ASP’s team effort. Since then, I have continued to learn more from Ben about training and nutrition because I trust him completely even though I was the most cynical person before this experience.

ASP isn’t like any other gym in Melbourne, everyone at the gym is dedicated and chasing their dreams. It is refreshing just to be around such driven and motivated peers. At ASP, I found myself surrounded by new friends who supported me on my journey. I am proud of my new shape, but I am happier that I can say I am a healthier and more resilient person from this experience. I have achieved my goals and so much more with the support of ASP.
  • Jennifer gave us a real goal to score. She wanted to compete in her first fitness bikini competition in 8 weeks! With hardly any serious training nor having performed a more rigid nutrition plan before, this was indeed a challenge for both of us.
  • We definitely had to work with a mindset, understanding the extent of work we had to cram into 8 weeks as well as taxing the body physically to a degree that she had not done before. Each session was a milestone, and we loved seeing her pushing herself to her limits and her mindset grow.
  • The nutrition was nevertheless challenging but all so worthwhile especially when she saw how she leaned down following the principles and guidelines we set out for her.
  • We’re honestly so happy for her 3rd place result in her first competition! Not only does the pictures of her transformation paint the success of her journey, she also proved herself to be a determined, focused and so much stronger mentally than she gave herself credit for.
I would recommend ASP’s 12 Week Evolution Program to my closest friends and family because it is not just a fad diet; it is the beginning of a lifestyle you will not regret with a bunch of the most amazing people you will ever meet.

Jennifer L, ANB Victoria Bikini model 2014, 3rd place.