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At the end of 2013, I sat down and wrote a list of goals for 2014, which covered things like career, relationships, health, fitness, etc. I’m extremely passionate about health & wellbeing and have always had a fitness competition on the back burner. So I decided to write my 2014 goals down on paper and visualized what the final outcomes would look like. One of my goals was to compete.

As you could probably imagine, maintaining an optimal nutrition plan is a critical part of the transformation process. Changing my diet with The ASP Team wasn’t a hard transition, as I had been eating well building up to the training with ASP. But what I realized was how much more detailed Ben’s approach was, and his focus on the way my body reacted to foods, general stressors and lifestyle habits – all of which contributed to the nutrition he planned for me. For example, Ben suggested I include a lot more fat into my diet like avocado, nuts, coconut oil and butter to help with energy on the days I cut down my carbohydrates.

Training was tough! I had never been pushed so hard before – physically, mentally and emotionally. Ben is an excellent coach, approaching things holistically using his varied expertise from Poliquin training, CHEK and NLP in Melbourne to tailor my training program, optimize my success, without comprising my health or wellbeing at any stage. Ben was able to adapt training in a flash.

This journey was a valuable lesson in self-discovery

Larisa's 12-Week Transformation

As a female athlete and first-time fitness model, hormones, emotions and uncertainty about the whole process affected my performance and mental outlook at times. I wouldn’t have made it to where I did if Ben wasn’t so available to answer all my questions and address my concerns.

The journey was the toughest thing I have done in my life. I have a new found respect for natural bodybuilders and fitness models. It takes a certain person to commit to this highly determined, organized lifestyle. This journey was a valuable lesson in self-discovery. It unleashed the little-focused warrior within me. I never expected to place and graciously took 4th place, out of about 12 girls. I feel an absolute sense of accomplishment!

  • Larissa came to us from a yoga background. She had done her research and wanted to work with the best in developing her physique for a fitness competition.
  • Being in good shape already, we had to focus more on tightening her lower half, leaning her legs and toning her gluts up more. The workout protocols focused on hitting the lower half musculature from different angles, exposing them to different contraction types, rep ranges as well as different exercises. Nutritionally, only small tweaks were needed to her already good diet regime. For example, introducing more fat, and an added variety of oils, both saturated and unsaturated, as well as being more specific with her timing of carbohydrates.
  • Larrisa’s transformation was nothing short of amazing. She competed in her first fitness competition, placing 4th and looked absolutely stunning!
If you’re serious about a strength gym with top-notch facilities, excellent coaches and friendly members, check out ASP!


Larissa S,

ANB Fitness Model Under 30, 4th Place 2014

You can follow Larissa’s journey on her blog, ASPC and The Team recently starred in one of her posts!