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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Miguel L.

After training on my own for a few years, I had already made some very good progress with the knowledge I had about training and nutrition, but this eventually hit a plateau. I had reached a stage where I felt that the only way forward to resorting to illegal performance enhancing drugs, something which I absolutely refuse to do.

The transformation was unbelievable!

Miguel's 12-Week Transformation

Meeting with Melbourne based Poliquin Strength ASP Team was indeed an eye-opener. They introduced me to new cutting-edge training techniques, optimal nutrition, and supplementation which elicited rapid and sustained changes in my strength, size and overall conditioning. The transformation was unbelievable! Before I knew it, I was at my biggest, strongest and leanest – Results that inspired me to participate in a natural bodybuilding competition (something I never thought I would be good enough for). This can only be a testament to months of hard work and The Team ASP belief in me.

  • Miguel sought our guidance to prepare for his first bodybuilding competition. He had a good amount of muscle mass on him, great shape but lacked the knowledge to lean down to compete.
  • As such, nutrition was a key factor we worked on. Leaning Miguel down involved understanding his busy lifestyle and scheduling his nutritional needs around that. We also had to educate him on consuming higher quality protein sources, including general supplements like whey and bcaas. Techniques like specific peri-workout nutrition, carb loading, and fat loading were used in conjunction to compliment the types of workouts he did. For example, we tended to increase his carbohydrate intake on high volume leg days, while dropping that on an arms day/ cardio day to deplete his glycogen stores.
  • Miguel’s physique transformation was not a linear one, and we had to manipulate quite a few variables to make continual progress. We definitely got there in the end, with Miguel successfully competing in two back to back bodybuilding shows – the INBA and ANB. A well-earned transformation and outstanding result!
Looking back now, I realized that I wasn’t even close to pushing myself to the limit and that there was a lot more to be learned about effective training and nutrition. While our training sessions were intense and always a challenge (believe me!), ASP has given me the foundation and tools I need to continue building a stronger physique, and achieve my goal of being 100kgs at 10% body fat, all drug-free!

Miguel L, INBA and ANB 2010 Competitor.