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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Nicole C.

I have always been active and fit, from a young age beginning at 10 years old in competitive track and field, joining a gym and lifting weights from the age of 15 to then becoming a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at the age of 24. My personal and professional journey has seen me experience many aspects of the fitness industry, discovering new and innovative ways to train not only myself but also my clients and class participants.

I felt that their vision was very much in line with my own

Nicole's 12-Week Transformation

When I saw what The ASP Team was all about I felt that their vision was very much in line with my own and that being trained by such a professional, knowledgable and supportive team would be a great fit. I have always trained like an athlete and bodybuilder with the goal to enter a figure competition. Specific preparation began back in 2010, however, setbacks of injuries postponed my stage debut.

  • Nicole had decided to compete in her first bodybuilding competition. She had been training with a coach who decided to stop working with her 6 weeks out from the competition – an emotional and bad tasting experience.
  • Our work with Nicole was about giving her the confidence to take her physique to the end and compete in 42 days. She already had the shape but lacked the definition. We definitely turned up the dial with metabolic training, incorporating twice a day training for her on alternate days. Cardio was also part of the equation but we ensured she did not overwork herself as Nicole was had a tendency for increased stress.- for example, we had to limit her from teaching too many group fitness classes, limiting it to just 4 per week.
  • Nicole was great in following a regimented eating plan. It was a 42-day sprint, so no time to ease into things. But she was diligent in her food and supplementation, allowing her to tone and shape her physique up quick.
  • Nicole competed in 2 categories – Fitness and Figure Novice in the INBA classic. She definitely stated her point, coming in 2nd in her debut in the Fitness model category. Her outstanding physique is a true testament to her determination and wants to excel!
In February of 2012, at the age of 31, I had my sights set on the May INBA Novice Figure division. With the support of Ben and The Team, I was able to focus on my goal, seek assistance and guidance and reach my goal of competing. The icing on the cake was taking home a second place trophy! I’d like to thank all the coaches at ASP, whom I see as my teammates and friends, all amazing and talented individuals, for their care and support.

Nicole C.