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Pohlin L.

Wow! What an extraordinary journey – one that was made successful by the only continuous support from the ASP Team. Having undergone a complete physique transformation, I’ve finally achieved my dream of competing in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) sports model division. This has been an experience filled with many challenges along the way one but none that Ben as his Team at ASP couldn’t solve or provide comfort for. This is my story.

From the beginning, my understanding of weight training and dieting was purely self-taught, supported only by magazines and articles. Sure, I did manage to gain some muscle tone relying on my own efforts but my body was a far cry from my desired look, and definitely in no state for competition. It seemed that no matter what I did, I was still a classic pear shape – big hips and unshapely legs.

 I’ve finally achieved my dream of competing in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) sports model division.

Pohlin's 12-Week Transformation

Training with Ben was a real eye opener. He impressed me with his intimate knowledge about the female anatomy ranging from dietary advice, training, supplementation, as well as issues regarding emotional and mental health. No doubt the programs and diets were difficult, but seeing my body change and reshape before my very eyes made it all so worth it. In just 14 short weeks, I had lost over 14 pounds of fat, and gained sexier arms, a defined back, lean abs and slender shapely legs (finally!!). The experience feels almost surreal. I love my new physique, and have definitely found a renewed confidence.

The best part of it was that throughout this journey, Ben never once gave up on me, even when there were numerous times I did on myself. I can truly say with confidence that few trainers express such work ethic for their clients and invest so much emotional support for them. When ASP take on your goals, they truly make them their own.

  • Poh was attracted to the glamour of a bikini fitness competition and was determined to step on stage in a few months. The biggest issue we faced with Poh was that majority of her weight was held in her lower half, and we had look at optimal ways to reduce her estrogenic load. Using a combination of specific nutritional and supplementation protocols as well as lifestyle changes, we were highly successful in leaning her legs down weekly. But by no means was this a straight-forward process, as her results often plateaued and we had to constantly modulate strategies to create a change.
  • Her training programs focused on toning and lifting her lower half and bringing up the size and definition of her shoulders to match her strong legs. There were lots of metabolic work and modified strongman exercise that was incorporated as well as phases of strength.
  • Poh’s transformation was definitely not linear, and we met hurdles in nutritional compliance, detoxification efficiency as well as training consistency, but nevertheless, got there in the end. She brought a stunning package to the INBA stage, flooring the judges with her proportions and symmetry.
It has been a great and worthwhile investment, and I urge anyone who is struggling silently to get on board as you transform your body and rediscover yourself! You can bring your sexy back!

Pohlin L, INBA All Female Classic 2010, Sports model, 4th Place