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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Rachel G.

I had always been one of those girls who would come into the gym every day, spend an hour on the treadmill avoiding the weights because I didn’t want to get big and muscley and eating the bare minimum trying to get as skinny as possible. That was until I started training with The ASP Team in August 2011.

After Ben and Luke asked me if I would like to compete in a Bodybuilding competition my diet and training took a complete 180, as did my attitude towards fitness and nutrition!

My diet and training took a complete 180,

Rachel's 12-Week Transformation

Two intense weight training sessions a week with Luke plus two sessions by myself, weekly BioSignature, advice on diet and nutritional tips from Ben kept me well on track to achieving my goal. I stepped on stage in May competing in the INBA Female Figure and Physique categories and placed 3rd in both! My body had never looked better.

  • Rachel had initially trained with us to lose some holiday weight, but as her physique started to lean down, her goals started to change as well. She had set her sights on competing in fitness and figure competition with the INBA.
  • Our challenge with Rachel was that she naturally had a petite frame so we had the task of stacking on a good amount of muscle on her in the optimal proportions that she might stand up against bigger more well-built competitors. We started by gradually increasing her calories, adding in more protein and fats to begin. We cycled her intake and types of carbs as well to maximize recovery and muscle growth.
  • Her training was taken up in intensity, and we introduced phases of strength and functional hypertrophy training. Her physique took to the changes well, and week by week we could see her physique shape up.
  • Rachel’s work ethic was top notch and she followed to the tee what we were given. Sure the journey wasn’t the easiest but by far the most satisfying. By the INBA comp, Rachel competed in 2 categories – fitness and figure novice, and took back the 3rd placing in both! What a result for her very first time on stage! We couldn’t be more proud.
Throughout my journey with ASP, I was given constant support and encouragement from Ben and Luke and learned so much about nutrition and weight training from them both. I feel that since starting training with ASP I have become a much more positive and outgoing person. I have even been inspired to start my own career in fitness, and am currently studying towards receiving my Certificate IV in Personal Training.

Rachel G.