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Sophie M.

Satisfaction with my results is an understatement. I couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved from my time with ASP so far. The day I woke up for my first competition, not only had I dropped from 17% to 7.9% body fat over 3 months, but someone was looking back at me in the mirror that I didn’t recognize. She had slender legs and a six-pack. Not to mention what was beneath the exterior – a stronger mind and a more resilient attitude.

I had doubts at the start about whether my body was even right for competitions, however, I still can’t believe I did much better than I ever expected and placed 2nd out of 22 competitors! Even though the journey to compete wasn’t an easy one, I must say that having The ASP Team’s guidance and knowledge made the job completely achievable. Training smart with a strategic nutrition plan definitely gave me my results. I have tried much harder in the past to achieve my dream body through other methods, with far less pleasing outcomes.

My 12-week transformation has not only changed the way I look and feel but has given me a renewed vigor and confidence. This is the real me.

I will never forget this journey with Ben and The ASP Team. They have changed my life and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done.

Sure, it wasn’t the easiest, but after seeing such rapid changes, I was going to press on and hit my goals.

Shopie's 12-Week Transformation

When I first started training with ASP, I believed that my legs would be my weakness. They were the main body part that made me doubt if competing would even be the right choice for me. When I had lost weight in the past, I would lose fat around my core but I always seemed to have kept it on my lower half. Through BioSignature in Melbourne, Ben was able to make specific changes to my diet and supplementation that targeted those stubborn fat storage areas. The result – lean, sexy legs! This whole process still blows my mind – it really does come down to science, and more specifically, your hormones. Those people that say you can’t spot reduce are wrong – it really is possible!

Ben has a wealth of experience in Body Transformations and was able to adjust my diet and training along the journey so that I adapted without being hit too hard. The best thing about training with Ben is his passion. I wouldn’t have been able to get as far as I did without his continual commitment to ensuring I came home with a trophy. He always said I would get one and he was right!

  • Sophie had been a cross-fitter but had stopped for some time and had gained some weight in the process. Her aim in coming to see us was to help her prepare for a fitness competition in 12 weeks.
  • Having a background in training definitely helps. Coupled with an “I can, I will” attitude, Sophie had a good combination of brawn and mindset to start. Following our training and nutritional protocols to the latter, her changes were like clockwork. Even her lower half, that she felt had the most resistant to change, lean up fast and well.
  • We couldn’t be more proud of Sophie’s transformation and her placing 2nd in her first ANB Fitness Model competition amongst a line up on close to 20 participants! A milestone indeed.
I’ve ever had, has been well worth it. It is a great feeling to not only be looking my best but also being strong and healthy from the inside out. Some people have no idea how good their bodies are meant to feel.


Sophie M, 2nd place Fitness Model under 30 years, ANB September 2013.