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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Xin You.

Competing in a fitness modeling competition was always something I intended to do but never believed that I had the potential to do well in. After completing the 12-week ASP Evolution Program under Benjamin Siong, founder of Australian Strength Performance, and achieving amazing results from it (I put on 7kg of lean muscle mass), he was convinced and confident that I would do well in a fitness competition (ANB Victorian State Championships) that was only 6 weeks away. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea to do so, but I was convinced by Ben’s knowledge and expertise, hence deciding to embark on this new journey on becoming a fitness model.

By following his training plan and diet regime 100%, Ben helped me achieve what I thought was impossible in such a short period of time. As the competition got nearer, Ben would spontaneously change my programs according to my physique’s needs, giving it the push it needed.

In just 6 weeks, I maintained good gains in muscle mass whilst having my body fat drop from an initial 14.2% to 7.4% on stage from dieting down.

Xin's 12-Week Transformation

The competition preparation during the 6 weeks wasn’t as smooth sailing as I expected and there were moments where I doubted myself and didn’t think that I had what it took to even get on that stage. However, Ben understood the emotional rollercoaster ride that prepping for a competition can be and always stood by my side, helping me through the days when I wanted to give up. That dedication he put into improving my physique in such a short period of time was above and beyond what I expected and was guided through every step of my journey. I am extremely grateful for that!

For my first time competing with the help of Ben and Team ASP, I ended up placing in both the categories that I competed in (Men’s Fitness Model Novice and Men’s Fitness Model U30), taking out 5th place titles for both categories at the ANB Victorian State Championships! After a successful first year training with Ben, not only has he helped me to achieve my personal goals but also changed me for the better. I am now more confident in myself and look forward to living a healthier and fitter lifestyle for years to come.

  • Xin had an awesome transformation with our Evolution program. His first workout with us was a true personal wake up call. Having a background in resistance training, he was quietly confident about starting, but boy was he mistaken.
  • Exposing Xin to various training methodologies and our focus on the movements, technique, and execution of exercises was new and challenging. This no doubt took him out of his comfort zone but gave him a strong foundation to change his physique over 12 weeks.
Altogether, this competition preparation journey has been a fantastic and fruitful experience! All these would not have been possible without my coach Ben, and The ASP Team. For that, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Xin Y,

ANB Virus State Championships Fitness Model Novice, 5th place 2015. 
ANB Virus State Championships Fitness Model Under 30s, 5th place 2015.