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120 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VICTORIA 3057

Cara J.

Here I am, heading towards my mid 30’s, extremely out of shape, unmotivated and unable to fit into most of my own clothes anymore, however have always wanted to be fit, healthy & toned before starting a family. Not liking the idea of having to lose loads of weight after having a baby, it was time I did something to change my life.

Choosing The ASP Team as my personal trainers was one of the best decisions of my life. They are extremely motivating and gave me challenges I never thought were possible for me to achieve. With the BioSignature Melbourne Program and challenging training regimes, I was losing fat real fast, and my strength and self-belief skyrocketed! My body was changing on a weekly basis, and by the 9th week, I was at the weight I was when I was 18, but even more toned! No longer was my ‘donut’ belly a main cause of unhappiness. In fact, the cellulite on my legs had also seemed to have disappeared altogether!

Cara's 12-Week Transformation

  • Cara’s issue was her midsection. She had gained it over the last few year due to a more sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Cara’s goal was to be in an ideal body shape before she became a mother, her next goal.
  • We had Cara for 14 weeks and saw her transform immediately from the get go. Cara was focused, and made the changes to her nutrition as we set out. It was all about moderation for her. Making better choices to have whole foods over processed ones, taking more Omega 3s to reduce inflammation, increasing fiber and having the all important breakfast protein hit were just some of the changes she had to make.
  • Training wise, it was about consistency. Cara trained three times per week with resistance training (something she had shyed away from). We focused on fat loss and muscle toning, but also targeting areas such as the gluts, hamstrings, inner thighs and abs so we could tighten thing up as she lost the fat.
  • Her transformation is nothing shy of amazing! A complete body reshaping, with the loss of cellulite from her thighs, her gluts were also lifted, firm and her mide section – lean and tight. More importantly, Cara learnt a lifestyle that she now loves and maintains.
Sure, it wasn’t the easiest, but after seeing such rapid changes, I was going to press on and hit my goals. My 12 week transformation has not only changed the way I look and feel, but has given me a renewed vigour and confidence. This is the real me.

Cara J.